No booking fees
Departs from
Tran Quy Cap Railway Station at 22:00
Arrives at
Lao Cai Railway Station at 06:05
Ticket type & Price
Deluxe ticket per person per way
(4 persons per cabin)
Price: 42 USD / person / way nett
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Chapa Express Train
Welcome on board the Chapa Express Train! Welcome on board the Chapa Express Train!

Thank you for choosing the Chapa Express Train as part of your journey through beautiful Northern Vietnam! Click here to read more about the Chapa Express Train experience, including our cabins, services and amenities.

Chapa Express Train Services Chapa Express Train Services

Our train is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable, stylish and refreshing journey including high speed Wi-Fi, deluxe amenities kit and on-board drinks and snacks. Click here for details.